Our role

Our role is to bring to our partners (clients) the best suitable solutions in terms of risk management and insurance coverage. We do provide our partners (clients) with the following:

  1. Full & complete risk assessment study followed by a professional technical risk assessment report describing the client’s operation and its insurance risk exposure accompanied by our recommendation of the adequate insurance coverage needed.

  2. On presenting our report and recommendation, we agree with the client on the action plan which includes providing the client with different insurance offers for the proposed coverage with a simple comparative study of the presented offer and our recommendations.

  3. Upon agreement with the client on a presented offer we proceed with the insurance policy on the agreed insurance company,then review the policy to insure the issuance as per the agreed terms and conditions and follow-up the premium payment to insure that the coverage is effective.

  4. After issuance we do monitor the client business activities during the insurance year and make sure that any asset additions or removal is reflected in the insurance cover.

  5. Claims
    Our service priority to our clients is claims handling, in this context, we assist our clients as soon as the insurance company is notified, we involve ourselves into following up the claim by completing the necessary documentation and monitor the claim process until final implementation and issuance of the claimed cheque.

  6. Renewal
    On policy renewal time, Good life provide its clients with full analysis reports and recommendations to insure enhancing the insurance coverage, as well provide market survey highlight the best available terms, conditions and competitive rates.

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